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In my professional work life, I have focused on projects or works related to electrical energy systems dealing with protection and control systems of electrical loads in industry, infrastructures and intelligent buildings. Some major companies which I had chance to have business relationship by taking a role in their projects or investments during this period can be listed as follows:


Erdemir Group is the biggest industrial corporation of Turkey in terms of total assets, with 9 subsidiaries.

The parent company of group is Ere?li Demir ve Çelik Fabrikalar? T.A.?., which is the largest flat steel manufacturer of Turkey, located in Kdz. Ere?li. Subsidiaries are: Iskenderun based ?sdemir, long steel manufacturer whose production is now extended with flat steel by new hot mill investments, Erdemir Maden with reserves in Sivas and Malatya-Hasançelebi, the siliceous steel plant Erdemir Romanya in Romania, Erenco, which offers investment and engineering service for iron and steel investors and Erdemir Çelik Servis Merkezi, steel service center for cold product cutting and slitting.

Group is one of the major players of iron and steel industry with industrial facilitiesin Turkey and Romania and also owns 80% of iron ore reserves in Turkey.

Group has 2 ports, which are located in Ere?li and ?skenderun.

Investments with the highest budget in the national steel sector have always been made by the companies of Erdemir Group.

Acquisition by OYAK, one of the biggest groups of Turkey, on February 27, 2006 is the most important milestone in our corporate history. Subsequently, the centralization of the common functions in separate subsidiaries of Erdemir Group has strengthened the position of Group in the sector under the principle of sole economic unit and single framework.

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General Overview - Drafting and content of the tender dossier for a data center project with emphasis on Technical Specifications

The preparation of tender documents and the selection of the appropriate tender format are critical tasks in achieving procurement objectives.

Tender documents must contain all the provisions and information that tenderer´s need to submit their tenders such as the procedures to follow, the documents to provide, cases of non-compliance, award criteria, etc.

Tender dossier might include following items;

A. Instruction to Tenderer`s

B. Draft Contract, Special Conditions and Annexes (incl. Technical Specifications)

C. Further Information

D. Tender Form for a Supply Contract

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Investment Life Cycle (ILC) Phases

1. Opportunity identification

• Someone has a bright idea, and an initial assessment is made.  
• Define general scope
• A business case is completed identifying why a business capability is necessary and what business benefits can be expected by implementing this project. 
• It is possible that a pre-feasibility study may be necessary before further funds can be committed.  

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